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The Benefits of Drinking Olive Oil in The Morning (and How Much to Drink!)

In recent years, more and more people have been interested in the direct health benefits that certain foods have on our bodies. People are generally more health-conscious, caring more about where our food is sourced, the calories that they contain, and the properties that increase our health in whatever way.

This has lead to an increase in sales of ‘superfoods’ and daily intakes of certain specific foods. Many online suggest drinking lemon water on a daily basis, eating raw ginger, eating a teaspoon of honey, and, yes, drinking olive oil every morning. But is drinking olive oil actually good advice?

Yes, drinking olive oil in the morning may help you keep healthy – It has been proven to contain antioxidants; it can be good for weight loss, for your skin, for your throat, contains anti-inflammatory nutrients and comes with other health benefits, but there are other things to keep in mind too when it comes to your overall diet.

However, the pros that come with extra virgin olive oil may not be as beneficial for your body depending on your own health and how much you drink.

Is It Good to Drink Olive Oil in The Morning?

While consuming olive oil on a daily basis has proven to be beneficial, there are still some questions regarding the best time of day to take it.

While some suggest that the morning is better, others suggest that having it at night before bed is better.

In truth, there is no particular research that has taken place regarding the process of consuming olive oil at different times in the day.

That being said, there is no doubt that olive oil is very good for your body and can play an essential role in your daily intake of fats.

We will take a look below at the various benefits for your body that can come with taking olive oil every day; however, the best time of day to take it will really depend on you.

Once you have checked with your doctor regarding the frequency and amount of olive oil you should take, you will be able to better determine how you should fit it into your day.

Whether you take it in the morning, at night, in food or as a drink will completely depend on your personal preferences.

What Happens When You Take Olive Oil on An Empty Stomach?

As with most things, there are multiple opinions on the best time of day to drink extra virgin olive oil, so let’s take a look at the potential benefits that come from drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach:

  • It can reduce inflammation.
  • Those that suggest that the extra virgin olive oil intake should be on an empty stomach believe that by taking it in the morning, you will be helping your digestive system to wake up and therefore better absorb the nutrients in your system.
  • It can reduce your risk of cancer in your digestive system (primarily due to the hydroxicortisol)
  • It helps during weight loss (as it reduces your hunger)
  • It helps with a hangover (due to the good fats in it)


Undoubtedly, taking extra virgin olive oil every morning can be very healthy; however, very little information is available regarding the benefits of it being taken on an empty stomach.

Is a Spoonful of Olive Oil a Day Good for You?

Yes, a spoonful of olive oil each day may actually benefit your health. As you may know, extra virgin olive oil is one of the most common ingredients in the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet is widely considered to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, and in no small way due to the olive oil.

It is definitely a healthier option for cooking grease than butter or animal fat, but it also presents plenty of other benefits.

Olive oil has been proven to prevent and improve your chances of longevity with heart disease.


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Some also believe that olive oil can help relieve constipation, stabilise blood sugar (which is particularly beneficial for those with diabetes), increase bone health, and more.

However, although much research has been done on the health benefits of olive oil on the body, many claims have also been invented by companies and fans.

Not all the claims regarding olive oil have been proven; however, since it is healthy and is a part of a very balanced diet, there are still plenty of reasons to consume olive oil happily; it just may not be worth drinking it!

If you do want to drink it, you’ll probably rightly be concerned with the taste. Kalamata olive oil is a very good option if you’re drinking your oil since it has only a light bitterness paired with a full and fruity flavor.

You’ll also want to make sure you go for Greek extra virgin olive oil, since extra virgin is first pressed oil, with no chemicals added during processing – this makes it the least acidic, highest quality and most mild tasting.

How Much Olive Oil Should You Drink a Day?

In order to reap the health benefits from olive oil, including the antioxidants, the general advice on the web is to measure a tablespoon or two a day to drink.

That being said, it is also important to remember that olive oil also contains a significant amount of fat.

As healthy as it may be, choosing to eat too much of it every day could lead to more problems than benefits.

If it is your first time taking olive oil or any other vegetable oils, it would be wise to seek advice from your doctor before trusting what is published on the web.


Whether you are in the process of adopting a healthier lifestyle or generally taking olive oil daily, it is essential to know just how beneficial it can be.

Yes, it can reduce your risk of getting heart disease and cancer. Still, it can also help with your blood circulation (by being better than other fats that will clog up your veins), improve your skin (in fact, olives are commonly used in skincare and beauty products thanks to their multiple benefits for your skin cells).

Of course, beyond all of the potential health benefits that come from eating olive oil, it has been a useful foodstuff for thousands of years, thanks to its wonderful taste and texture.

In fact, remains of olive oil have been found that date back to around four thousand years ago – we have been enjoying it for quite some time.

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